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In addition, it may be stressed in a teenage drunk driving essay that there are many young people who completely reject alcohol. Sports and healthy nutrition are in vogue today. Naturally, fans of a healthy lifestyle will never sit behind the wheel in a drunken state. And it cannot but rejoice. There are two methods for determining the level of alcohol in the human body which are usually described in essays on drunk driving: BrAC and BAC.

The first, BrAC breath alcohol content shows the level of alcohol in the exhaled air. Both indicators are measured in milligrams of ethyl alcohol per liter of air or blood. The BAC technique is more common in the world. It was used as the basis of the rating provided below. You can also provide information about penalties in different countries of the world data of in your drinking and driving essay research paper:.

It may be stressed in a research paper on drunk driving that America, perhaps, has the most humane norms for the permissible alcohol content in the blood. The following rules work here:. It may be written in a drinking and driving essay introduction that the first law restricting the movement of intoxicated drivers in the US was adopted in New Jersey. They could also be imprisoned for 60 days. Initially, police officers were not guided by any specific alcohol limit. It was specified in the revised version of the act of Significant progress of legislation in the field of drunk driving began in the s.

The cause was the influence of special organizations formed at that time.

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Laws have become tougher for drivers whose age was less than 21 years. They were forbidden to get behind the wheel with BAC more than 0. Despite the fact that citizens in Puerto Rico could buy alcohol at the age of 18, these measures were taken there too. In , all 50 states were called to reduce the alcohol limit from 0. The issue of reducing the BAC limit caused a storm of discussions on the Internet.

Many bloggers encouraged their subscribers to support the changes. At the federal level, the authorities decided that drivers working on commercial vehicles should not exceed a dose of 0. Even if the concentration of alcohol in the blood is less than 0. In some states, there is a concept of partial ability to drive partial impairment. This usually means a level of alcohol between 0. In , the Supreme Court ruled that breath and blood tests for alcohol content can be considered as a search prescribed by the Fourth Amendment. Checking the breath can be carried out by traffic police officers without a special warrant.

The situation is different with the blood test because the skin is damaged. The authorities try to persuade the police to use safer means. In California, persons convicted of drunk driving and being on the probation should not exceed the norm of 0. There are many other examples when local authorities modify common standards. It may be emphasized in essays on drinking and driving that a problem of the discrepancy of laws exists in the United States. Local authorities interpret the same concepts in different ways.

For example, the terms "driving" and "actual physical control" have a different meaning. In the first case, we always mean moving, and in the second, the vehicle can remain at one spot, but the driver carries out certain manipulations even if it is just an activation of the headlights. When comparing the laws of different states, it is extremely important to take into account such subtleties. Logically, we understand that a fine should be levied only on a person who is drunk while moving on the road and thereby creates a threat of a car accident.

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But without a clear formulation in the law, accusations can be attributed even to those people who simply sit in a vehicle. You can describe the problem of interpreting the laws in your drinking and driving persuasive essay, consider those situations when the penalties are really justified and when they have no real sense. Local legislation largely influences the severity of penalties. For example, residents of Ohio are forced to spend 3 days in prison. However, this measure can be replaced with visits to a special program aimed at alcohol education of violators. Unlike many other countries, in the US, there is a clear difference between harmless drunk driving and causing damage to others.

If a person simply behaved unworthily but did not break the welfare of people surrounding him, the punishment is more likely to seem to a precautionary measure. But it should be stressed in a research paper on drinking and driving that the authorities are really merciless to those who committed a car accident or crippled own compatriots. Citizens of the state of Washington can get a kind of an amnesty after passing a special correctional program.

Punishment is not always enough to make people realize their mistakes and stop drinking behind the wheel. Some persons really do such things because of recklessness. But there are those who suffer from severe forms of alcohol dependence. Having paid a fine once, they just wait for the moment when it's possible to sit behind the wheel and make the same mistakes. Therefore, in such cases, the court makes concessions and allows drivers to undergo a rehabilitation program. If the violator does not manage to pass the program, he loses the privileges and takes full responsibility.

In addition, offenders can enjoy deferments of prosecution a limited number of times. In some cases, corrective programs involve wearing special devices that detect the level of alcohol in the blood. Violators hope that their actions will stay unnoticed. Usually, they are used by convicted offenders who are allowed to drive in special cases, for example, for labor purposes. In , this shameful label became mandatory for all violators. Typically, these plates are yellow with red text. In Minnesota, white plates with black or blue text are used.

Such a mark is received by drivers who violated the rules at least 2 times in 5 years, exceeded the blood alcohol level two times or had a child in the car at the time of arrest. In most cases, they are adjusted to a minimum level zero tolerance. About half of the US states require the installation of these devices at the first violation. Such requirements can be considered as punishment and, at the same time, as a precaution.

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After all, a drunken person simply cannot use a car. External control is especially important for people with alcohol dependence who do not control own actions. Many drivers, however, complain that these devices are imperfect and malfunctions occur quite often. For example, a sober person can get an unsatisfactory result due to a low-quality electronic system.

Then the error is perceived as his offense. Also, an irritating factor is that the indications should be updated with a periodicity of about half an hour. If the driver forgets to re-check own state, his negligence is regarded as a violation. In different states, various punishments for improper use of the device are practiced. Usually, this is fine. Some jurisdictions view such actions as a criminal offense. Proposals were made regarding the installation of ignition interlock devices on all new cars. However, in a drinking and driving argumentative essay, this initiative may be considered rather as a theory than a reasonable practical step.

Obstacles are associated with the inconvenience of using devices, their inaccuracy and the nonconformity of many modern autos to the required standards. In some states, a car can be confiscated under special conditions. For example, this practice is common in California. The arrest procedure may vary from state to state. However, it should be emphasized in essays about drunk driving that the general concept always remains the same.

First, the policeman should have a reasonable suspicion. Officers cannot exceed their powers and blame citizens for no apparent reason. They are guided by an official protocol with clearly prescribed phases. Noticing the strange behavior on the road, the policeman stops the car, approaches it and asks questions. The external signs and behavior of the driver are assessed. Important signals are alcohol smell from the mouth, inarticulate speech, redness of the skin, clouded eyes, slowing of reactions and thinking, excessive aggression or arrogance, presence of open bottles with alcohol.

If the officer notices some of these signs and thinks that the driver may be drunk, he invites him to get out of the car and undergo a quick test for alcohol content in the blood or exhaled air. The information received may serve as a basis for a further detention. It is important to note in a drinking while driving essay that stoppage of the motorist who performs all traffic rules and does not cause any suspicion may fall under the exclusionary rule which protects citizens from unreasonable searches.

The reason for stopping can be an uneven trajectory of movement, speeding, driving on the sidewalk, etc. Of course, the test for the presence of alcohol in the body of the driver is used if he became a participant in the accident. There are roadblocks control points of sobriety where the driver may be stopped.

An adequate basis for suspicion is anonymous messages from citizens who saw an uncontrollable vehicle. However, before asking the driver to leave the car, the officer must make sure that motorist drives inadvertently. Drug Abuse Scenario Analysis. However alcohol is but one of the many substances that can interfere with one's driving capability.

DUI charges can also be pressed against individuals who are driving under the influence of other kinds of drugs, including illegal drugs and even prescription medication. Taking drugs and driving at the same time, whether the drugs are just prescription muscle relaxers or medicinal marijuana is illegal and a DUI offense. The argument that one took drugs because of doctor's orders is not a defense to DUI charges. Various drugs have different effects on drivers. Driving while having a blood alcohol concentration BAC of more than 0. Bartenders and Their Responsibility Specifically it Will.

Specifically it will discuss whether states and communities should hold bartenders responsible for the behavior of their patrons. Bartenders have become the butt of some very serious charges in many communities, because more and more states are holding them accountable for the behavior of the patrons they serve.

However, bartenders should not be held accountable for what their patrons do after they leave the bar. Bartenders have no control over that behavior, and they have no way of knowing what patrons will do after they leave. Patrons are accountable for their own behavior, and they should act like adults and take responsibility for their own actions, rather than blaming them on someone else, like a bartender.

Bartenders, as most people know, work behind the bar, serving alcoholic drinks, to people in restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs, taverns and other locations all around the country. They often serve…… [Read More]. Federal and States compared. Ten, answer eac question listed in te first row for eac corresponding law. Is marijuana illegal? Wat are te penalties for possession of cocaine? Wat are te penalties for possession of eroin? Wat are te penalties for possession of prescription drugs?

If so, wat is te punisment? Federal Up to a year 1st offense Up to a year 1st offense Up to years in jail depending on prior record altoug tere's a pus to lower to 0. The Controversy of Habitual Violator Laws. Habitual Violators The author of this report has been asked to select a crime control policy and then use the facts and facets of the policy to answer a few questions.

First, there will be a summary of the key elements of the policy. Second, there will be an explanation of the political process for the policy. Third, there will be an examination of the role that the federal government plays when it comes to formulating crime control policy.

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To get a little more specific about the federal role, there will be an evaluation of how the United States Congress gets involved and influences crime control policy. This is despite the fact that many of the applicable crime control policies in play are decided at the state level. All of this will be looked at through the lens and rubric of who has the most influence and control when it…… [Read More]. Non-Intrusive Monitoring Developed by George. Similarly, this type of non-invasive acoustic and vibrational monitoring has been used by doctors to get a better assessment of in vivo hip conditions so that they can better comprehend things like total hip arthroplasty Glaser et al.

Acoustic Signals "Acoustic emissions are elastic waves generated by a rapid release of energy at a localized source. They are produced by events such as particle impact, gas evolution, boiling, phase transitions, precipitation. Some processes produce emissions that can be heard.

A lot more emit either outside the audible frequency or at too low an intensity to be heard McLenna, , p. It provides experts with…… [Read More]. Teen Drinking Media Campaign a. One of those alarming physical changes is that the younger a person is when they begin drinking, even at low levels the more likely they are to become alcoholics. This change even overrides a known genetic predisposition for alcoholism. Butler, July 4, Time forward ads regarding adult failure could be developed at a later time but again such images and concerns do not seem to sway teens.

Funding for such a campaign would likely come from national and local foundations that stress clean living, and possibly from litigation funds that have been secured for healthier youth programs. Alcohol use may begin simply as an exciting experiment, or as a way for a teen to feel a part of his or her peer group, lowering the feeling of awkwardness that often comes with the territory. Yet teen drinking can become a social disaster, that brings on extreme grief and loss.

Solutions to Dealing With Alcohol Abuse. Alcohol Abuse This topic will be alcohol abuse. The dimensions that will be covered are, in order, a brief history, current trends or issues, societal concerns or issues related to the topic, the significance or relevance of the topic to the counseling profession and any future implications that exist when it comes to the subject.

Alcohol has been around for a very long time and it has created its share of questions and issues in American society during pretty much all of its existence. In terms of history, the major even surrounding alcohol was the temporary prohibition of alcohol across the land. However, this ban was indeed temporary and was eventually lifted. Even with that,…… [Read More].

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Standard Field Sobriety Test Evaluation. One solution to enhance learning might be to require that all officers take the initial course and to then develop online content for 'follow-up' briefings and re-testing of knowledge every six months. This would be more rigorous than the current method of having refresher courses every three years.

The frequency of the retraining would reinforce the seriousness of the issue. While it is true that there is an optional SFST update course to be taken within six months, the course is not mandatory. While an SFST instructor must supervise the SFST practitioner administering the SFSTs' in initial administration, the 35 test cases within six months of the initial training that the officer must complete are not supervised and thus there is no ongoing feedback during the course, limiting its effectiveness.

Feedback is an essential component of learning -- in the classroom and in the field. United States There Is No. At no time is any state obligated to comply with the federal guidelines for federal highway fund eligibility or to give up any sovereign rights established by the Tenth Constitutional Amendment. Furthermore, there is no issue of "withholding" or "withdrawing" any federal funds from states that choose not to comply with federal guidelines pertaining to the drinking age eligibility.

Those monies are supplemental to any other federal funds and would not be offered except as an incentive to follow federal recommendations about the minimum drinking age. States do not have to comply if they prefer to lower the drinking age. Reason 3 -- Adults Younger than 21 are not as Responsible as Adults over 21 At the age of 18 or 19, most young people lack the fundamental abilities to make good decisions, especially about things such as taking risks and considering all of the consequences of…… [Read More].

Police vs Public. Police Interviews The author of this report has been asked to conduct two interviews of police officers with six basic questions being the crux of both interviews. To protect the anonymity of the officers as well as a way to get the most honest and complete answers, the identity of the officers as well as the departments they have or do work for will not be identified in any way, shape or form. The answers garnered were insightful, honest and illuminating.

While there are two sides to each story, both the police and the people have the right to have their voice…… [Read More]. Law Enforcement Opinion This report will cover a topic that has always been controversial. However, there have been some events as of late, most of them racially and otherwise socially charged, that have forced the argument the subject firmly back into the forefront. Of course, that topic would be law enforcement. While gun violence, politics and so forth are all the rage in the modern blogosphere and social media realms, the topic of law enforcement is high on the minds of many regular people and activists due to, among other things, the events and details surrounding what happened to people like Eric Garner, Freddie Gray, Michael Brown and so forth.

There are plenty of talking heads that would paint the police as abusive and authoritarians. However, that is far from being the true picture that should be painted and this report shall aim to fill in the rest of the…… [Read More]. Reforms Needed for Three Strikes Law. Define the Problem The defined and existing problem is going to vary in scope and definition depending on who is doing the defining.

The policy itself was meant to address a problem. However, that policy has created a new set of problems. Indeed, there are situations where three-time violent felons are justifiably put away for twenty-five years to life. Uncle Bob took his first trip out of state to Miami, Florida where he was pulled over for speeding. When uncle Bob was pulled over the police officer had a lot of information about him, his name, and date of birth, previous offense, height and weight.

Uncle Bob was then handcuffed, and put in the back of the police car. In this paper I will explore some methods utilized by the Miami police officer to gain information about uncle Bob, and some possible communication methods available to police officers to gain criminal information. These states share information about Drunk Driving convictions, through a central database…… [Read More].

Immigration - Drawing the Line. There is no question, however, that immigration issues will remain in the forefront of our national policy debates. Deportation Factors and Crimes Involving Moral Turpitude Research indicates that since the late s, Congress had been tightening the substantive provisions of the immigration laws, to make it far less likely that a convicted criminal alien can find a way to be relieved of expulsion.

For many years the basic statutory pattern was that a crime involving moral turpitude rendered a person deportable, if it was committed less than five years after the person's entry and resulted in a sentence of one year or more confinement. A later-committed crime or one that drew a lighter sentence did not result in deportation. If the person committed two such crimes that were not part of a single criminal scheme, they could render the person deportable no matter when they were committed.

A drug offense…… [Read More]. Australian Laws for Alcohol Use Australian Laws related to Alcohol Use Underage drinking is a huge problem in Australia and more and more minors are having access to alcohol. This is having a big impact on their mental, emotional and physical growth as well as on the society at large. The existing laws do not provide stringent punishment to the offenders, especially those who are making it easy for underage drinkers to have access to alcohol and it is time the Government increases the punishment to make it more difficult for them to have access to it.

The Government should also pass laws that will fill the existing loopholes and also provide a support system for young kids to turn to when they have emotional problems. A combination of these measures can go a long way in curbing underage drinking in Australia. Underage drinking is a common problem in many…… [Read More]. MADD was founded in to combat problems related to drunk driving. Since its founding, MADD has expanded its mission and vision to include issues like underage drinking and drugged driving.

MADD has been instrumental in influencing state governments to raise the legal drinking age to 21 in almost all parts of the United States, and to lowering the legal blood alcohol content for driving and operating equipment. Moreover, MADD believes that advertising alcohol should be banned and their reasoning is founded on four core ideas. Because alcohol advertising targets the most vulnerable populations such as underage drinkers, encourages greater consumption of the product, and sells false beliefs, lawmakers could consider curtailing the entire practice of alcohol advertising.

Criminal Procedure Law. Criminal Procedure Law This document outlines the proposed criminal justice system. Its aim is to prevent and control crime and criminal acts through punitive measures and penalties to those who violate the set laws. The paper is a suggested criminal justice system for a national jurisdiction, at the federal level.

The jurisdiction has a population of about one million people who are equally dispersed in the urban cities and rural areas of the nation. The social and economic status of the residents in this jurisdiction ranges from the very poor to the very rich. The country has its fair share of illegal immigrants and the criminal acts perpetrated in the country do compare throughout all the regions of the country.

The life of a human being starts at the point of conception. Murder is an act committed…… [Read More]. Teen Alcohol Abuse Adolescent alcohol abuse has been an ongoing public health problem for many years. While alcohol abuse trends tend to increase and subside over time, recent research continues to show an alarming level of alcohol use. Health Needs Assessment As of , the purchase of alcohol by youth under the age of 21 is prohibited.

Therefore, the Centers for Disease Control CDC define underage drinking as consuming alcohol prior to the minimum legal drinking age of 21 years. Further, zero tolerance laws make it illegal in all states for youth under age 21 to drive…… [Read More]. Alcohol Advertisement Alcohol Abuse Is. Seeing more advertisements had a stronger effect on drinking than drinking had on noticing advertisements.

The effect of alcohol advertising exposure on youth drinking was small and positive. The advertising effects were similar for the subset of underage respondents Martin et al. The study involved the impact of alcohol advertisements on youth age The research found that most alcohol advertisement occurred in places where youth were more likely to see them than adults.

In addition the research found that "much of this excess exposure of youth to alcohol advertising in…… [Read More]. Custody of Evidence One Error. She had been struck several times in the head with a Toney Penna golf club -- so ferociously that the club had shattered into multiple pieces -- and then stabbed in the neck with the broken shaft the club's handle and part of the shaft had vanished.

Kennedy Jr. On July 10, , 23 years after Moxley's murder, "Connecticut authorities convened a one-man grand jury consisting of Judge George Thim. The state's attorney Jonathan Benedict took over the Moxley case and began a multimillion-dollar effort to convict Michael Skakel" Kennedy Jr. Until this time, Greenwich police and state investigators considered Ken Littleton as the primary suspect for the murder of Moxley Fuhrman, cited in Kennedy Jr. According to prosecutors'…… [Read More]. Federalism Throughout American History the Power of. Federalism Throughout American history the power of the federal government in comparison with the states has been continually debated.

This is because there is a principal known as the separation of powers. In the Constitution, this is reserving certain areas of authority for the federal and state governments. The problem is that many of these powers can often come into conflict with one another on a regular basis. As the Constitution, will provide some basic guidelines, but it will not address specific areas.

To account for this, the courts are relying on individual interpretations and case precedent. This creates conflicting areas of authority, based upon the general powers that are given to the states and federal government. Bonnie In the case of the federal government, this kind of conflict occurred in with the passage of the National Minimum Drinking Age Act. This law encouraged the states to raise the…… [Read More]. Had Capt. Sullenberger, and the crew of Flight , not responded as they did, in a uniformly calm and cool manner while adhering to the tenets FAA safety regulations, there's a decent chance that all of the occupants aboard the Airbus would not be with us today, and that this story of heroism, in the face of looming tragedy, would have a different ending Sturcke, On February 12, , in the wake of the glee and excitement that…… [Read More].

Biological Psychology Activity 1 Biological. These researchers used a brain imaging technology and forced air into the patients' brains through the spinal column, then reporting that they saw "abnormalities consistent with cerebral atrophy -- actual brain tissue shrinkage" The researchers methods were criticized and it was concluded within just a few short years that the brain imaging technique that they use was medically "risky and unreliable" Using more modern brain imaging technologies today, researchers have not found any evidence of brain damage in human marijuana users, even in those humans who smoke an average of nine marijuana cigarettes a day Today there is the…… [Read More].

Internet and Social Networks Affect. The most successful of these hybrid strategies is David Beckham and his approach to making sure his personality pervades the messages over and above the positioning points in any IMC campaign. The undercurrents of social networking require a very high level of interactivity, transparency that leads to trust.

In the case of athletes and celebrities who battle gossip media, the best defense is a good offense. Taking the initiates as Derek Jeter has done to stop rumors of conflict with Alex odriguez, Carmelo Anthony discussing his DUI in blogs, and the hybrid strategy of Beckham all show how critical it is for celebrities to keep these broader Web 2.

Table 1 in the Appendix provides an overview of Web 2. MIT Sloan Management eview 49, no. Therefore, when studies are conducted on these offenders, then the relationship between psychiatric co-morbidity and DUI relapses would become clearer. Individuals would also be sent to certain areas to study the various psychological treatment methods that are generally available to those who are addicted to any substances, and when efforts are made towards co-alliances of these institutions, then the students of the schools would definitely benefit.

Division on Addiction It has been stated that the twenty first century will be the 'age of alliances' wherein the collaboration between non-profit organizations and corporations will keep growing in number. The nature of such collaborative alliances would also change, from when it was the traditionally philanthropic, where the donor would benevolently give, and the receiver would receive it gratefully, to where business as well as non-profits and for-profits work together so that they may be able to achieve their mutual goals and contribute…… [Read More].

Budget Compare and Contrast. While all budgets are quite similar in one form or another, they are all different in their own ways and this can include the aim s of the money to be spent, where the money will come from and the overall fiscal policy exercised within the budget including investment, tax rates and savings strategies.

Basic Description of each budget Differences and similarities of each budget Sources of evenues of each budget Change of revenue accounts in the future e. Budget's fit with mission of the domain f. Motorcycles Supporters of Sustainability Are. Drunken driving was responsible for cases of these vehicle-linked deaths. During the initial part of the last century, the second most important cause of police deaths were accidents due to police deaths. Practically from , officers lost their lives in motor cycle accidents, as opposed to officers who met death in other automobile accidents.

With legal enforcement starting to more and…… [Read More]. New York State Police An. The complete selection process consists of a written examination, on which a candidate must score above a certain percentile and be ranked accordingly, a physical and psychological evaluation, a background investigation and polygraph rest, and a medical examination "Selection Process," NYSP Recruitment Center, The training process The basic school of training for New York State Troopers is 26 weeks of residential training, cumulating 1, hours of training. Classes are given to recruits in a number of areas, including police skills, police science, operations and public interaction relations.

The areas of education span a wide array of issues, to include firearm training, first responder and emergency vehicle operations, criminology, DI enforcement, domestic violence enforcement, department policy on sexual harassment, how to make an arrest, and penal and constitutional law, amongst other topics. Some of the areas of instruction are expected and traditional, such as how to minimize the use of…… [Read More].

Health Care Disparity in Maryland. Chapter II: Review of the Literature in Chapter II, the researcher explores information accessed from researched Web sites; articles; books; newspaper excerpts; etc. The researcher initially accessed and reviewed more than 35 credible sources to narrow down the ones noted in the reference section in this study. The literature review chapter presents a sampling of literature to support the research questions this study addresses.

This chapter also presents the overall methods and techniques the researcher implemented to conduct this study. Yes: Carla T. Main Carla Main believes the drinking age should remain at 21, and she bases the first part of her discussion on a project called "The Amethyst Initiative," which has issued a statement calling for an official probe into the drinking laws as they now stand.

The Consequences of Drinking and Driving Essay - Words | Bartleby

The aim of the Amethyst Initiative is to have the drinking age of 21 lowered because the current laws are simply not working. Main is in agreement with the Amethyst Initiative on this point: the current laws are not working, and they should be reexamined. However, Main does not agree with the objectives of the Initiative beyond this. She explains why by laying out the history of the 21 Laws and the changes in society that have occurred since they have been in place Main, pp. Main's primary issue with the arguments put forth by the Amethyst Initiative and similar groups…… [Read More].

Drunk Driving View Full Essay. Works Cited Flahardy, Cathleen. Legal Collection. Glascoff, Mary A. Wallen, Michele, Shrader, Joe. Kramer, Robert L. Academic Search Premier. Works Cited Chaloupka, F. The effects of price on alcohol consumption and alcohol-related problems. Fox, R. Adolescents' attention to beer and cigarette print ads and associated product warnings. Journal of Advertising, 27, Marcus, R. A gender-linked exploratory factor analysis of antisocial behavior in young adolescents. Adolescence, Wechsler, H. Underage college students' drinking behavior, access to alcohol, and the influence of deterrence policies.

Journal of American College Health, References Carpenter, C. Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, -- Carpenter, C. Lastly, the HAM program requires participants to write a reflective essay, usually at least words in length, demonstrating how the hospital and morgue components have changed their lives and impacted their views on drinking and driving. The court will give the defendant the information to register into a HAM program upon conviction.

But ask yourself, especially after participating: Is a few disturbing hours of queasiness worse than other drunk driving consequences that the program emphasizes? Probably not. Ive completed all classes including plenty other ones that were court appointed. My next court date to show proof of completion is on the 18 of this month. And my last and final class is on the 20th.