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They have since initiated system of checks to moderate the power of the leaders. Patriotism which entails the defending of the Greek city states and was the responsibility of all citizens led by kings. All citizens had a moral obligation to defend the state and Creon exemplifies this proposition. Creon was a believer in the good of man and to him this came before even the gods. Polynices was alleged to have attempted to invade and conquer the city of Thebes and to Creon, he did not deserve the honor of the city state. His plain desire was to protect the state.

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The results of his action made Greek city states to examine the issue of betrayal and penalties involved. Additionally, Greeks city states believed that the population would be free from any form of oppression to include political and religious oppressions.

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However, Creon betrayed this belief by holding Antigone a prisoner in a cave and decreeing that Polynices should not receive decent burial. The general population sympathized with Antigone and secretly admired her heroic acts. Creon was an autocratic ruler who disregarded the will of the majority. To the city states, absolute domination of political power was not allowed.

Creon denied Antigone freedom of religion by interfering with burial ceremony. The conflicting ideals would act as lessons for the Greek city states to draw from.

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Both Antigone and Creon had cases for their decisions. Antigone was acting in defense of her religious obligations while Creon was acting in defend of the state. It is rational to think that religious matters should not override state functions. However, individuals within the states have their freedom of worship. At the end of the play, the chorus gave a clue to the solution of this moral dilemma by convincing Creon to free Antigone. This meant that changes might be tough but one has to make a decision. At the end, the deaths of Antigone, Haemon and Megareus acted as a lesson to the Greek city states to be rational in judgment.

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This shows that she was very faithful to her course. Antigone is the embodiment of the strong-willed women; Ismene is portrayed as submissive whereas Creons wife, Eurydice is the moderate woman.

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The personalities and choices of each of the women portrayed in the text affected the course of events regarding the characters involved. Antigone and Eurydice share some traits whereas Ismene is a direct contrast of any of those. Whereas Antigone is portrayed as daring and bold enough to face Creon and his imposed laws, Ismene is reserved.

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Antigone hardly fears Creon and his weaknesses as she openly defied the law. Surprisingly, she is even ready to face the consequences of her acts. When confronted by Creon over her participation in the burial of Polynices, Ismene responded, that if Antigone said so, she did She is also brave and strong willed even though she is not consistent.

Eurydice is weaker than Antigone even though not much has been told about her. She was obedient to her husband and faithfully stood by him to the bitter end.


The loss of her son is so disturbing that she also committed suicide. She is brave enough to commit suicide just like Antigone. Antigone defied gender roles for women by showing acts of bravery and her death in a way is a sacrifice for the oppressed women. Her act of defying the authority gained nationalistic magnitude as she was highly regarded by the population for her bravery. She died for a course she believed in.

On the other hand, Eurydice killed herself because someone else had died. This makes her death less significant.

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It is clear from her death that her bond with Hameon is even stronger than that with Creon. The second messenger recounted her death when he reported that the queen was dead and that she was a true mother of the dead son. Antigone gives her precious life for the safety of her brother in the underworld. A piece of Greek mythology was created in BC. To my mind, there is a lot to discuss when it comes to Antigone. What is peripeteia? Because of the tragic events that are described by the author, Creon from the brightest example of pride turns into a puddle of humility.

On the other hand, Antigone is fully aware of her destiny from the very beginning of the story and she never lets herself regret anything in her life. In other words, there are many points to support Creon as protagonist, but nonetheless, Antigone is there too. Antigone sets the tragedy of Sophocles into motion. And finally it is her suicide that makes her beloved one, Haemon, to commit suicide.

Besides, it is obvious that we are most likely to sympathize Antigone till the last page of the play, not the King. Of course, there is a platform for friendly debates over the protagonist of the play, but everyone should agree that Antigone is the cause of the storm. Taking into consideration the fact that Antigone is the protagonist of the play, Creon is claimed to play the antagonist role.

He represents the force Antigone is in opposition to.