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How does citizen behavior affect urban planning and renewal? What is the best way to get funds for your architectural idea?

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How can we redesign slums to make them more sustainable without relocating? Unique Designs How can we design a more efficient spaceship for astronauts? How can we design tiny houses that feel spacious? How is architecture used to create better living? How is architecture used to create better business practices? What are the best ways to increase airport efficiency using architecture?

Is there a way to coexist with nature or water, but still have human luxuries? What is the importance of reviving historical buildings? How can we properly restore heritage sites and keep original architecture in mind? How can we use architecture to tackle social issues? What is the best way to reduce the carbon footprint when considering design? Why should architects focus on going green? How do different renewable and nonrenewable energies affect the architecture of a place?

Environment How can we use architecture to tackle environmental problems? The first and foremost step of any research initiative is writing a research proposal. In this regard a researcher is required to have some theoretical knowledge regarding contents of the research study undertaken. After carrying out the basic preparatory work i. It includes the topic on which research would be conducted, the objectives and methodology of work and the expected outcomes of the research.

This can also be termed as an overall plan which tells the reader regarding research problem and how the researcher has planned to investigate it? Therefore for every researcher it is highly recommended that the research proposal must contain ten basic ingredients. First, what are the objectives of proposed study? Second, the statements of hypothesis if the researcher intends to test any.

Third research design or study design proposed for research. Fourth the study area physical setting or the context of study.

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Fifth the research instrument to be used i. Sixth the selected sample size or sampling design. Seventh the method of analysis or data processing procedures. Eighth table of contents or proposed chapters for the report. Tenth the work schedule or time table or time frames for the research. It is a grave reality that research is taught as a supporting subject in many academic disciplines and in each discipline there are specific spheres of influence on which research is conducted.

These specific spheres of influence give birth to different paradigms of research.

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However; there are quite similar activities in each research process. Thus there is a need to understand a broad research methodology followed by each researcher in his or her research. This generic process of research can be outlined as a broad based research methodology. The initial thought behind every research process is to know that, what the problem is? Why this research? What is the issue on which research is to be done? Basically the research problem develops with two basic determinants. Then there are various constrains which compel the researcher to formulate the research problem for instance, financial resources, availability of time, expertise of the supervisor, and knowledge of the allied subjects, i.

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Basically formulating a research problem means to answer the question what? The research design is again a very significant issue which develops on the basic of chosen research method. Therefore conceptualizing a research design means develop the concept that how the research would be conducted. The research design would describe that, what are the parameters of research, what its indicators are?

It is the detailed method of research variable analysis and conducting the practical steps of research. The research design is again based on some ground realities of the researcher. For example, what type of research method is intended by a researcher? How this research method would be valued? Or more appropriately it can be said that, research design permits a researcher to predict accurate outcomes of research in any given set of conditions. Secondly it identifies all the gaps in knowledge of a researcher. Therefore basically a research design defines about this how of all the findings or answers of research questions.

Conclusively a research design consists of six basic ingredients, i. The third operational step of any research is the construction of an instrument for data collection.

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Thus the basic issue which needs explanation here is that, what is meant by a research tool or research instrument. The research tool or instrument can be anything which becomes the means of collecting information for the study undertaken by a researcher. These include: i Note Book.

Another significant aspect of any research is selecting a sample. Because; it in not possible to study a whole universe due to constraints of time and money. For selecting and designing a sample the required intermediary knowledge is of sampling theory and sampling designs. Basically the selection of sample determines the accuracy of the estimates made by a researcher. The main reason of sampling design is to minimize the limitation of cost and obtain those values which are prevalent in the larger population. The good sampling design is that which reduces the gap between the value obtained through sample and actual characteristics of total population.

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Secondly the basic premise of sampling is to select those minor units of community which can provide a sufficiently high degree of probability or a true reflection of complete community. As discussed earlier that, a researcher must have intermediary knowledge about sampling theory and sampling design. So what does it mean? Basically sampling theory gives us two basic principles i. As far as sample design is concerned there are various options of sampling design available to a researcher.

Much more than documents.

However, there are three basic categories of sampling design i. Reliable customer support You can contact our support team around the clock if you have any queries or need any issues regarding your order to be addressed. Architecture Essays and Research Papers Haven't found your perfect essay?

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Today, the survival of human beings depends majorly on managing ecosystems to restore an environment which is healthy and productive. The urgency to deal with the human-dominated ecosystem is inspiring eco-pioneers to redesign buildings and communities that suit the environment. Everybody knows that nothing is impossible through commitment, dedication, and zeal. These virtues together with the attitude and desire to achieve are the cornerstone behind success. A few advancements were realized in the fields of architecture and structural engineering. Architecture not only stands to be an integral aspect of a place, but it also happens to be the work of human creation that undeniably imparts a special and often a peculiar character to a place and many a time ends up becoming a defining part of its history.

In a life full of complexities, one needs a place to relax and be soothed with functionality and simplicity.

here That is how one feels upon entering a contemporary abode influenced by the Bauhaus style. The above is quite simple with its box-shaped floor plan allowing for a free-flowing movement from one area to another. In the early s, the American embassies in the Arab world were under threat of rising anti-Americanism and therefore there was a need for designs to reflect security measures as well as public access control. In the 19th century, large cities got characterized by pollution and congestion which contributed to impoverished living conditions for the residents.

I want to pursue a postgraduate degree in Architectural design because I have always had a passion for design ever since I was a child. Architectural Design is a complex career with many paths that I can pursue upon successful completion of my studies. The wiring depicts that in Algiers, the Arab architecture weakened and lost its proper worth, as it is unable to engage the practicality.

The Christian Architectural period could not be exactly calculated but many historic books say that it began approximately around the late second or at the beginning of the third century. Design, Engineering and Architectural Technologies The paper "Design, Engineering and Architectural Technologies" is a wonderful example of an assignment on architecture.

Any system should be defended or criticized based on its simplicity to understand and work. Above is a simple architectural design that can be used even by the layman. The system allows for backend storage while at the same time having a messaging system. Gothic cathedrals were the ancient arts and architectures that involved secular and religious buildings, stained glass and sculptures. These building existed in Europe in the middle ages. These gothic cathedrals served many purposes but their primary purpose was theology.

Joseph Rykwert in his essay Meaning and Building brings in a sense of purpose, art and vision in the arena architecture. The crux of this essay is that architecture indeed happens to be a predominantly human and visionary discipline, rather than being a mere mundane and trivial need for abode or premises. The interpretation of artifacts is a complicated activity that cannot be separated from the place of artifacts in cultural systems. In the comprehensive article, Henri Lefebvre explicates in a fairly complex but understandable language the sheer fact that before revolutions that ushered in modernization, living varied according to regions, populations, profession, sex among others.