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Descriptive Writing Of A Beach

The structure is like most movies and novels: something happens — there is some problem, adventure, love story etc that is then resolved at the end. It was a sunny day at the beach. The sand was hot under our feet. My little brother Xoli started crying. I picked him up. He was so heavy. And his nose was dirty. I put him down and he started crying again.

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Finally we got to a good spot and spread out the towels. My mother got out her magazine and started reading. I tried to play on my cellphone but the sun was too bright. So I lay down and closed my eyes. Suddenly I realised it was quiet — too quiet. I sat up and looked for Xoli. He was nowhere around.

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John is the author or co-author of seven books. My experience is of a different kind. However, when I looked out my window, the sun was not shining and it was raining. Everyone was inside was watching television and my friend went shopping with her mom, so I seized the moment and suited up.

I didn't bring a lot of "cold gear" with me, but I did manage to find some wind pants and a sweatshirt. Right away I was put in a place I hadn't been before.

I walked down the stairs that met the beach, and placed my feet in the sand. It was very cold.

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The sand was missing that mid-morning burn. This feeling that can be compared with walking on fire.

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  • In past years, I had to run for the water to save my feet from being scorched, but now I was wondering whether or not I should keep my shoes on. The beach was full of debris from the previous night's storm, and I was walking on crushed shells and seaweed. It felt like walking on jelly as it squished in and out of my toes.