Essay on the use of plastic bags should be banned

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Should Plastic Be Banned Essay for Students | + Words Essay

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Plastic Bags Should Be Banned

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Polythene bags must be banned!

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If you throw a plastic bag in your backyard, you are most likely to find it there after decades though broken but retaining its original chemical property. Trillions of bags are consumed the world over ending in landfills, water bodies and soil, contaminating them. Below is a point wise description on why there is an urgent need to immediately ban plastic bags —. Plastic bags pose a threat to the environment owing to their non-bio-degradable property.

Plastic bags are indiscriminately used and dumped, polluting the environment and depleting our natural resources.

Persuasive Speech - Plastic Bags Should be Banned *Turn on CC*

Plastic bags are non-degradable meaning it is not broken down by natural processes. Dumped out of our houses and other places of activity, plastic bags slowly find their way into the environment and polluting as well as depleting our natural resources.

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Plastic bags disintegrate into small pieces and easily washed down into our rivers and streams or get mixed with soil contaminating them and rendering them useless. Which has consequently resulted in stronger heat waves and colder winters? Millions of liters of oils are used in the production of trillions of plastic bags that are used worldwide, depleting our Oil reserves and releasing harmful gases. Plastic bags disintegrated into small pieces find their way into our water bodies and soil rendering them useless.

Once they reach our water and soil it gets very difficult to use them without an effective cleaning mechanism. Plastic bags pose a threat to the marine life as being light weighted they are easily swept away by wind or rain.

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Tourists play a vital role in spreading plastic pollution by littering bags all over the place of visit. Marine Animals like Turtles, fishes, dolphins, whales etc swallow the plastic bags or get ingested by them dying a slow and painful death. Turtles are documented to have swallowed plastic bags confusing them with their natural food and die. Plastic bags owing to their non bio degradable property do considerable harm to the environment.

Littered plastic bags can remain around for ages, or could be carried away for miles with wind and water. Whatever the condition might be plastic bags always retain their chemical properties. Though they get fragmented into small pieces they always remain in their original chemical composition. It is because of this property that they always remain a part of our environment, contaminating our natural resources.

Apart from the environment Plastic bags pose a threat to human health too. Tons of Carbon di oxide is produced as a byproduct of manufacturing plastic bags. This huge amount of CO2 mixed with air, reduces its quality and makes breathing harmful for humans as well as animals.

People living in the proximity of plastic bags production factories are known to have breathing disorders, like asthma etc. Plastic production also results in another harmful chemical, Dioxin. Dioxin is one of the most potent environmental pollutants that have a large effect on human health. Maximum human exposure to dioxin is through food and it causes reproductive problems along with damaging the immune system. The production as well as indiscriminate use of plastic bags results in habitat loss of humans as well as animals.

Miles of forests are destroyed to setup factories producing plastic bags, emanating hazardous chemical waste into natural reserves of water, soil and air. The destruction of forests leads to the habitat loss of animals, resulting into their venturing to human habitation causing conflicts. Man on the other hand is losing his clean water reserves and polluting his air, resulting in a reduced average life span.

Large areas of human settlements are being replaced by tons of plastic bags accumulated as a result of persistent littering. Humans are losing their natural habitat contaminating their resources owing to the indiscriminate use of plastic bags. All the three activities related to the plastic bags- production, use and disposal lead to the environmental pollution and depletion of natural resources.