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In some countries where there is scarcity of rain, artificial rain is produced to cultivate lands. Silver iodide is now used for seeding the clouds. Nuclear and other weapons created by science have become a great threat to the very existence of man on this planet. The indiscriminate slaughter of men, Women and children and devastation of their homes by turning a switch have made modem warfare a mockery of the highest human values and an insult to the throbbing human heart. Scientists must not forget their responsibility to mankind. They must remember that the existence of mankind is the vital matter and that the prestige of their nation is of little importance.

Science is a curse essays

They must be ready, as Russell points out, to face martyrdom. They must take a firm decision, not to discover or invent anything that will wipe out man from the face of the earth. In the opinion of Lord Adrian, the human race will come to an end, if scientists do not give up their old loyalties. Joad says science has given us powers fit for the gods; but we use them like small children.

Science is thus a blessing and a curse. As long as it tries to promote human welfare and comforts, science is a blessing. When it is used for destructive purposes, it is a curse. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. English Essays. Related Posts. About The Author Absolute-Study. In the social field, the use of science has also produced bad results. He has become materialistic. The moral values of life are now considered things of the past. The system of joint family has shattered. Art and literature have been badly affected by the impact of mechanization.

Medicines and other surgical aids are available to the people but these have not promoted a better standard of health. On the other hand, millions of dollars are being spent on the inventions of dangerous war weapons. In the modern world, corruption and lust are also gifts of science. From the above discussion on the merits and demerits of science.

Science - a Curse or a Boom Essay Example

It is what man makes of it. Science can be the greatest of the blessings or the worst of the curses. In fact, science is not to be blamed but the man who uses it badly. Science has neither urged man to invent destructive weapons nor forced him to be materialistic selfish and greedy. Science is only a servant and it depends on us how we get services from it. Science surely offers innumerable benefits to humankind but we need to use it sensibly and wisely. The simple answer runs: Because we have not yet learned to make sensible use of it.

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Science, an Enemy of Man Essay is also an essay like science is a blessing or curse essay. Your email address will not be published. October 17, A and…. Mobile phones are the outcome of information technology. But at the same time it cannot be denied that the boon in many cases has turned out to be the bane.

There are innumerable examples which prove that science a blessing has been turned into a curse. Sir Alfred Nobel experience with dynamite to clear huge mountains to turn it into productive lands. But modern man uses it to kill his fellow human beings and destroy nature. It is a fact that much of the national income of a developing country is spent on acquiring latest weapons, bombs and missiles. Apart from atomic weapons man has also started stockpiling biological and chemical weapons. These weapons are equally dangerous. Biotechnology is a great boon for fighting disease.

But along with medicines lethal biological weapons have also been developed. Germs are deliberately released into the air to spread diseases. Anthrax envelopes are used for spreading terrorism. The negative effects of the excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides, used to increase yield are now evident. Soil salinity has increases. Traces of DDT are found in plants. The power of the internet is also being abused through unhealthy practice such as the widespread use of pornographic materials. Lots of people spend their time in chat rooms for obscene discussions. Science has two faces good and bad. It depends on us which face we want to see. If we use the gifts of science in a positive manner with positive intention and in positive direction it will benefit the mankind, but if we misuse it, it will prove harmful to all.

To save ourselves and the world as a whole from destruction, we should use the gifts of science properly. Essay No. Science — A Blessing or Curse.

Science A Boon Or Curse School Essay

This is the age of science and technology. Science has changed the face of the earth with its too many wonderful inventions and discoveries.

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If one of our ancestors were to return to the earth, he or she would not be able to recognize it — so tremendous, complete and fundamental has been the change. Science has benefited mankind in an unprecedented manner by its wonderful progress and development. And still the development, research, inventions and discoveries are going on a very fast track.

These are of fundamental nature and of far reaching consequences, also much so that the world would get further transformed unrecognizably. Science touches all of us and our life at every step, as a big boon and blessing. It has helped us to conquer space and time. The world has now become a global village, thanks to very fast and reliable means of travel and communication. Science has also helped man to conquer the moon and to explore the outer space. Many a fatal disease is now checked and eradicated. The great and significant researches in the fields, of agriculture, irrigation, water — management, etc,.

These benefits and facilities were not available to our forefathers. The use of computers and super computers has further revolutionized our life and work with the dawn of scientific era, the barriers of the nations are crumbling fast and the international living and interaction are very much in sight. A new composite culture marked with greater tolerance and understanding , and secularism is now assured. In a sense, science has unified the world and reduced differences in outlook and thinking.

By removing many superstitions and blind beliefs, modern science has inculcated scientific temper and spirit in man to great extent. Because of science and technology there has been tremendous progress in the fields of industry, commerce and human resources development as well. Consequently, there is a new world economic order in sight and the gap between the developed and developed countries are being reduced.

The new economic order ensures a great industrial and corporate cooperation, globalization, expansion and liberalization among the nations.

Science is a curse essays

The quality of life and standard of living, in various underdeveloped and developing countries, have improved and the countries are likely to be upgraded further. The contribution of science in the betterment of human life has been great and significant and further expectations from it are no less significant or great. The boons and blessings of science assure us further strengthening of human equality, fraternity and liberty. Man feels more safe, secure, comfortable and important. Today than ever before, because of scientific development and advancement.

The day is not far off when we shall have colonies on the moon and the planets. Science has achieved much, and promises to achieve still more and more in the years to come. Now there are no more famines, epidemics and pestilences. But science has been a mixed blessing. It has been a boon and blessing in certain fields; it has also proved a curse and bane in many others.

It has given us many dangerous and destructive weapons like atom and hydrogen bombs and missiles. During the second world War itself , people died in Hiroshima and Nagasaki when the USA dropped atom bombs there in The bombs and other means of mass destruction now produced are far more lethal and powerful than used in The biological and chemical weapons are still more dangerous and destructive.

They have the added advantage, as the source of attack can remain hidden and unidentified to a great extent. These weapons can be used to declaration of war. Then there are well- organized terrorist groups spread all over the world. They use these weapons in their desperation and sue unprecedented deaths and ruination.

Is science boon or curse?

Shakespeare has said that there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so. There have been many scientific researches and discoveries which have unfortunately been hijacked to harmful destructive paths. It is reported that about half a million scientists are now employed on weapon research through hour the world. It is alleged that the outbreak of plague in India in was genetically engineered. Obviously, science is being used so much for destructive purpose and so little for meeting real needs of humanity.

This turns science into a bane. It is man who is ultimately responsible for turning science into a curse instead a blessing. The misuse of science has ushered in our life many undesirable elements. Morality and ethics have been marginalized and materialism has increased unprecedented. Rapid , unplanned and indiscriminate industrialization has resulted in pollution on a vast scale.

No doubt , science and technology has taken giant strides in recent times, but it has dehumanized human life in the same proportion. Human values have been pushed in the background and man has become more selfish, cruel , sensual, violent and destructive. There is no more simple living and high thinking. But let us hope that ultimately sanity prevails and science is used more and more for the benefit of mankind.

It depends solely upon man himself how he uses science and its discoveries and researches. Science as knowledge and power is neither savior nor destroyer. Science is a Blessing, not a Curse. We cannot live without science in the modern world.