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Standards of conduct are the framework for how all employees should decide what is the right thing to do. Students learn the importance of marketing themselves accurately and truthfully during a job search. This activity introduces the area of professional ethics and how various careers and professions have unique core values and ethics mandates. As students begin to consider career choices in light of ethics as well as economics, the question emerges, "How can I prepare myself to be an ethical and exemplary professional as I participate in our economy?

Students review the role of entrepreneurs in designing new products or services. They learn to evaluate new products from an ethical, as well as an economic, perspective by applying guidelines for ethical decision making. This activity introduces the not-for-profit NFP sector as a specific class of enterprise. NFPs are valuable resources and operate by many of the same principles as business, particularly in upholding high ethical standards.

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Many NFPs are dedicated to the advancement and protection of people, their communities, and the environments in which they work. Entrepreneurship; Financial Literacy. Students learn that statistical analysis of marketing data can sometimes be used inappropriately in advertising.

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Businesses have an ethical obligation to offer fair and accurate analyses of the products and services they market. Buyers are accountable for understanding the ways in which statistical data may be used in marketing; they should be able to recognize when such data are misused. Numbers and incomplete data often are used to give weight and credibility to communication meant to persuade. Individuals or groups attempting to persuade people to their point of view often will present their issues using their own logic and supporting data. Ethics is always a matter of "the bigger picture" or the "whole picture.

Ethics reasoning combined with math skills will expand students' ability to "take the numbers outside the box" and place them within a larger, more appropriate framework. Students will examine the ethical responsibility of spending money on need-based goods and services before want-based goods and services. They will view borrowing money from the perspective of the borrower, the lender, and address the impact borrowing may have on others who were not directly involved. Students learn that the successful creation of a product or service ultimately depends on the consumer and although making a profit is important for a business, the desire for profit should not override the goal of customer satisfaction.

Students will develop an understanding of a good and strong work ethic. Students will learn to recognize their own work ethic, and realize that it may change or be tested from situation to situation. Students explore wants, needs, and savings as they practice three goals of ethical spending and saving through a scenario exercise. Students learn that most businesses strive to be good corporate citizens and make every effort to protect the environment. However, sometimes businesses deplete natural resources and the environment is damaged.

Harming the environment or using up natural resources is not only an environmental issue, it is bad for business. Students will consider the role businesses play in environmental stewardship and in preventing and resolving environmental problems. What is a fair price and how is it determined? How do companies price their products? Students examine the dual role of competition and consumers in pricing products. Through a pricing game, students discover that competition helps keep prices low. Students look at how various unexpected events can affect their business.

Their response to those events can have positive or negative consequences. They learn to distinguish between ethical and unethical business decisions by asking themselves questions that guide the decision-making process.

Much of the success of free enterprise relies on advertising and marketing. Observing the power of creative promotions to make products appealing, students will examine the ethics obligations of merchants to follow through and deliver on the expectations their advertising creates. Students also will look at ways that consumers can take unfair advantage of merchants. Along with ma Read More. Dear Customer,Summer is here and project work is heating up along with the Spring is in the air! The days are getting longer and project work is geari Do you have the desire to tackle problems through design?

Do you enjoy learning how and why things work? Are you fascinated by air and space? Do you enjoy complex engineering problems? At the NSLC on Aerospace, you will learn about the many careers in Aeronautics and Astronautics while getting hands-on experience with challenging engineering problems.

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Do you dream of designing skyscrapers, homes, or bridges? At the NSLC on Architecture, live the life of an architect as you take a building project from idea to reality. From hand drawing, CAD, and model making to structural analysis, selecting building materials, and employing cutting-edge technology, you and your peers will make the big decisions that go into designing buildings.

At the National Student Leadership Conference on Biotechnology, explore cutting-edge research in biotechnology that is creating new opportunities in the fields of medicine, energy, and agriculture. Meet with professionals in the field and learn techniques of successful biotechnologists during hands-on lab experiences. Do you have an idea for a great product or service?

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Do you dream of starting your own business and developing it from a new venture to a Fortune company? At the NSLC on Cybersecurity, learn more about the world of cybersecurity from the perspectives of government, business, and individual consumers. At the NSLC on Digital Arts, students will explore creativity and storytelling through digital media such as photography, animation, and video games.

With a focus on hands-on activities, each student will spend time learning to use professional equipment as they develop their own stop-motion animated short, video game, and digital portfolio. Are you thinking about a career in engineering? Are you intrigued by complex math and science problems? At the NSLC on Engineering, explore the various disciplines of engineering as you live and work on a college campus.

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Experience the entertainment business. You will learn how top agents negotiate contracts for their celebrity clients and manage their sponsorship opportunities. You will also learn the skills needed to run a major event like an awards show or film festival. Are you interested in the issues facing the environment? Do you aspire to create positive change? Are you fascinated by crime scene investigation? Do you want to learn the cutting-edge techniques used by forensic scientists around the globe?

At the NSLC on Game Design, learn how to turn your love for gaming into a career as you immerse yourself in a world of 3D characters, animation, sound effects, programming, and game design.

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Together with your development team, you will design and create a new video or mobile game and then pitch your idea to a team of investors. Do you have what it takes to tackle a national crisis? Are you capable of making quick decisions in a fast-paced, high-stress environment? At the National Student Leadership Conference on International Business, you will make decisions with a global impact as you travel to Singapore and work with students from across the world to tackle the major challenges facing business leaders today.

This cross-cultural program allows you to explore the global economy, wrestle with issues confronting multinational businesses, and visit leading international businesses. At the NSLC on International Diplomacy, discover the complexities of the international system as you live the life of a diplomat.

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Do you have the power to persuade? Do you want to put the guilty behind bars or save the innocent from injustice? Are you fascinated by marine ecosystems? Do you want to work with marine life? At the NSLC on Marine Biology, you will learn about the relations between humans and our marine ecosystems and take an active role in developing solutions to the issues facing marine biologists today. What matters most to you in life?

Do you want to have a real impact on the world in which you live? During this powerful six-day program, explore your strengths and talents as you develop leadership skills that will allow you to pursue your passions. Do you see medical school in your future? Are you interested in influencing the state of health care?

Join doctors, medical researchers, med students, and other health care professionals as you prepare for the rigors of a career in medicine.

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Are you interested in a career in the medical field? Do you want to focus on providing patient care? At the National Student Leadership Conference on Nursing, work with the Yale School of Nursing as you develop the skills necessary to provide high-quality patient-centered health care and gain insight into the careers available within nursing.

Are you fascinated by politics? Would you like to change the course of American government? Do you want to work on a political campaign? Congress and the American political system. Through clinical psychology simulations and hands-on neurology workshops, you will explore the relationships between the brain and human behavior. With a focus on hands-on activities, each student will spend time building, experimenting, and learning about the impact science has on society. Do you aspire to be an agent for change in your community? Are you passionate about social issues?

Join fellow athletes, sports fans, and promoters as you explore how to turn your passion for sports into a viable career off the field. Do you dream of a career on Broadway? Is acting your passion?

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Do you want to work behind the scenes as a director, stage manager, or set designer? At the National Student Leadership Conference on Theater, work with Broadway professionals as you develop and showcase your talent on the New York stage. History and Government, students will explore the path to American democracy and the legislative process. With a focus on the monumental events of American history, students will engage in interactive simulations to better understand the role of the branches of government.

Explore a career in veterinary medicine. Students will learn a variety of clinical skills and gain animal handling experience during exciting workshops and hands-on labs and visits to veterinary hospitals and training centers. TSA is providing valuable opportunities for its members to excel in problem-solving skills, while advancing personal growth.

Members apply and integrate science, technology, engineering, and mathematics concepts through cocurricular activities, competitive events, and related programs. Participants have the opportunity to explore the various careers in medicine by visiting medical institutions, interaction with professional from the field, and participating in advanced simulations and workshops such as the patient encounter simulation a training technique used at leading medical schools. The National Youth Leadership Forum NYLF Business Innovation: 6 Days to Startup conducts a career-oriented, experiential program designed for high school students with a foundation in business while developing the skills to lead the next innovative revolution.

Students will have the opportunity to learn from and interact with subject matter experts, gain invaluable hands-on experience, and be empowered to fully realize the power of your potential. Discover the right path for your future through fun and interactive curriculum that will allow you to test your personal and academic strengths in true-to-life simulations and hands-on clinical training. Students have the opportunity to learn how America monitors potential threats, prepares for crisis, and plans for peace. Students participate in six days of hands-on workshops and simulations in medicine, engineering, and CSI where they learn to program robots, role-play as medical interns, and unlock clues in an investigation.

The contest involves students in grades 9— They research, write, and develop a speech based on their interpretation of leadership with topics such as leadership in the world, its application to the free enterprise system, and what leadership means to them personally. This is a competition music festival for school jazz bands, show choirs, and jazz choirs.