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There are also some very silly arguments that should be discarded immediately. One of these arguments is that marriage is traditionally a heterosexual institution. Making love to another man takes away everything that is masculine about you also is said to be a reason against homosexual people. These arguments are absurd to even consider as legitimate arguments from intelligent people. According to the United States Constitution, every individual has the right to the pursuit of happiness, and the Supreme Court has stated that marriage is essential to the orderly pursuit of happiness Stoddard If America were a truly free country, these couples would be allowed to marry without any complications.

It is obvious that homosexuals are not being treated fairly. By prohibiting gay marriages, homosexuals are put at economic, legal, and personal disadvantages. In fact, gay rights activists have cited over benefits that gay couples are not permitted to enjoy The Case 1. This is a large amount of rights that are being taken away from these homosexual couples. Consider these three examples of how the civil rights of homosexuals are violated. First, homosexuals and their spouses are denied the right to claim the estate of their spouses if there is no will present when one of the partners dies.

Since homosexual couples are not allowed to marry, the spouse is not guaranteed the benefit of access to the state. Because gay marriages are not considered legal, they are not officially recognized by insurance companies. Despite the fact that a gay man may do exactly the same job as a heterosexual man, the heterosexual man and his wife would enjoy benefits not available to the homosexual couple.

Third, gays do not enjoy the judicial spousal privilege concerning legal matters. In legal proceedings, a man cannot be compelled by the government to say anything that may incriminate his wife. Since homosexual couples are not officially married, the spousal privilege does not protect them. In a landmark case for gay marriages, three gay couples filed a suit against the state of Vermont in They claimed that their Constitutional rights were being denied to them because the state refused to grant them marriage licenses.

The state court ruled against the plaintiffs, citing the link between procreation and marriage.

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They felt that their rights were being infringed on and that the verdict was not fair. The plaintiffs appealed the case, and the Vermont Supreme Court heard it. On December 20, , the state Supreme Court ruled that it was unconstitutional to deny marriage licenses to homosexuals Victory 1. In response to the ruling, the Vermont state government enacted a law permitting civil unions of gay couples to be performed.

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Civil unions give exactly the same privileges to homosexual couples as are afforded their heterosexual counterparts. Homosexual citizens in the state of Vermont are now permitted to join in civil unions if they choose to do so. These couples were then given the same rights as their heterosexual counterparts. Gay couples from other states are also permitted to have their civil unions performed in Vermont.

The problems with these couples is that they will not have the same rights in another state as they do in Vermont. These couples will also be looked at differently in other states, whereas if they remained in Vermont, things might be easier for them. Other states have recently faced problems with bills involving gay marriage.

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Hawaii has recently passed a law banning gay marriages. The court came to an almost unanimous decision on November 4, This decision ended a dispute in Hawaii from the homosexual community that has been ongoing for the past 15 years Paul 1. If this bill were approved, the measure would clarify that only male-female marriage is valid in California Paul 3.

New York has also recently passed a bill banning homosexual civil unions. These types of bills are unconstitutional by definition, yet our government keeps allowing states to pass them. It is unclear how other states will treat civil unions in the future. Dohrn is referring to the U.

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Legal scholars predict that due to the passing of the civil unions law in Vermont, eventually all states will have to recognize civil unions, although it may be years from now due to the appeal process of our government Same Sex 1. Marriage is first and foremost a union between two people who love each other. Raising children is not necessarily a stipulation of marriage. Although many couples do marry with the intent to start a family, it is obvious that rearing children is not a priority for some couples.

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Strategic Location. Cost-Effective Utilities. Financial Incentives. And what of couples that choose not to have children: are they barred from marrying? The equation of homosexuality with smoking is another argument notable for its tawdriness. Millions of people each year choose to smoke, but I have never known any person who was born a smoker. Despite the claims of the religious right, the notion that homosexuality is a choice is silly.

Why would anyone voluntarily elect to adopt a life style that subjects the individual to the sort of soul-searching trauma that many people endure struggling with their sexual identity? In short, this sort of shrill nonsense deserves to be relegated to the dustbin of history we would be better off to forget. This author rails on the adverse effect of same sex marriages on children, but cites no studies showing that there are such adverse effects. The best that the author can do is to say that children will be mean to such children.

Such an argument harks back to the arguments used to maintain segregated schools.


Surely they'd want to stick to their own kind. I totally agree with you. I was shocked when I read that "a quarter of a million kids in the U. I always did believe that it ruins the life of children.

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  • Gay couples should never be allowed to adopt a kid. The essay is great but you could have made it better by talking a bit more on how it affects the society but Well Done!!! It definitely deserves an A :].