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When I answered the questions in the survey, there were no difficulties to score the results and gain clear understanding of what had to be done and why.

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However, when I had to combine the scores of questions and unite them with such items like extravert, introvert, feller, thinker, etc, I was a bit surprised because I discovered many captivating things about my personality. To comprehend what qualities should be regarded as my personal strengths and weaknesses, it is necessary to answer each question thoroughly and evaluate my attitude to each point and situation. The results of the survey show that I have more qualities which are inherent to Extraverts; it means that I prefer the outside world to my inside world, like to share my personal ideas with the others, and can thrive on communications on different levels.

I discover that I am an Intuitive who always wants to evaluate the impact of each thought and action before in order to be ready for the results expected. And, finally, it was interesting to realize that I am a Perceiver, a person who cannot make decisions independently all the time but still wants to have as many things at hand as possible.

In general, the results of the survey underline that I may have all the necessary qualities of the leader however, I need to work more on the improvement of decision-making process and train myself to solve problems and organize the work more effectively and in accordance to the order required.

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Kouzes and Posner admit that any leader has to posses the following qualities: to be honest, to be competent in different situations, to be inspired in order to inspire other people, and, of course, to be credible. With the help of the survey, I am able to identify both, my strengths and weaknesses as a team leader. Looking for essay on psychology? Let's see if we can help you!

Such duties like clarification of goals, proper training, establishment of structure Northouse, have to be performed by any leader in accordance with the order and requirements settled. This model also defines two types of leadership functions that take place on internal and external levels.

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The results of the survey prove that I am able to perform the functions on both levels, however, it is not always possible to promise the high quality of each function performed. This is why it is very important to improve the already gained strengths and clear up how to compensate the weakness which are still inherent to me due to lack of experience and knowledge. The point is that this awareness provides each person with a chance to evaluate personal qualities and take the necessary steps to improve everything.

Right now, I have to think about the ways of how I can improve my strengths, make use of them all the time, and be sure about their reliability. First, it is necessary to continue education and analyze what types of communications are possible between people who take different positions. In order to become a good leader, it is very important to define what kind of conversation is possible between the people with the same ranks and with different ranks. Communication between leaders and employers has its own peculiarities, and each leader has to know about these differences and follow the standards to gain recognition and respect.

It is not enough to think about present but it is more important to evaluate past, consider present, and think about future all the time to achieve the desirable purposes. If you are interested in running the best training program, you want participants to actively participate in training and participate in training.

In this exercise you can provide feedback to the trainer on the pros and cons of the meeting. This is important information for trainers in certain fields. Evaluation of the civil disobedience approach of Dworkin and Habermas The following article attempts to evaluate the perception of civic disobedience by Dworkin and Habermas. And Habermas' paper "Civil disobedience: a trial for a democratic constitutional state". An overview of the Dworkin and Habermas methods is outlined and further discussion focuses on the introspective evaluation of these methods.

Psychodynamic Approach 4: Evaluation of the Psychodynamic Approach (A03)

Disobedience of citizens may be regarded as "personal rights violating the law on moral obligation" in some cases. In Dworkin offered three possible results on the handling of civil disobedience. First, citizens do not obey at least two aspects, legal and moral. Second, social norms stipulate that all laws apply equally to all people, citizens, foreigners and illegal foreigners in the US sovereign state. Third, the experience of the Vietnam War related to Dworkin has increased moral condemnation caused by political interference in foreign countries.

Civil disobedience is an illegal act in the public place, it will not lead to loss of life or property damage. The purpose of civil disobedience is political change. John Rawls, Jurgen Habermas, Richard Rorty, Sheldon Wolin distinguish citizens from disobedience, but citizens emphasize not following the "citizen" aspect of "disobedience". This article raises doubt about the aspect of "disobedience" of citizen's disobedience, and states as follows. And 2 When is ethical justification for violations of the law? This article clarifies the Kant society that explains the relationship between morality, authority and moral authoritarianism and analyzes these concepts according to US law.

Disobey intentionally refuses to comply with regulations and laws. Disobedience may include domestic or religious laws and principles. Disobedience is moral or immoral and is determined according to the circumstances. Disobedience of citizens is an intentional act including illegal official acts that will not cause loss of life or property damage. Suicide and eradication of hunger are an example of civil disobedience, which can only be achieved in public and political careers.

Because of the loss of human life, public suicide is not civil disobedience. If the legal beliefs or religious beliefs of a country are considered problematic, inappropriate or inappropriate for a person, that person's moral conscience will be activated. The lack of confidence in the government leads to a moral debate on malignant countries in the private and public sectors. Breakthrough litigation - Impact on consulting field With informed consent, clients can have autonomy in treatment relationships. If the counselor or other health care professional does not provide informed consent to the client, this will lead to legal and ethical breaches.

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The case that I first reviewed focused on informed consent and posterior bias. Drewry suffered from painful pelvic pain after several failed attempts to treat pain with prescription medicine and received hysterectomy. In CLIP, we use a method called evaluative investigation. It also meets a wide range of evaluation methods known as evaluation valuing. There are two reasons.

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Firstly, "evaluation" is often considered to be done by other people against "school". Secondly, the term "evaluative survey" is a balance between concerns of the survey itself and its objectives. That is, the process of conducting the survey is as useful as the final survey. The advantage of the evaluation survey is the process and its information results.

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Daniel Stufflebeam has identified 20 assessment methods in the literature that are long-time leaders of project evaluation and believe that it is a legitimate method of project evaluation. Although he classifies these methods into three categories, they are not necessarily clearly classified as one of the following categories. The approach we use in CLIP is most consistent with the evaluation focused on usage that has the characteristics of each evaluation category.

Evaluation methodology and methodology 68 - The assessment report details the method and method selected, the rationale for the analysis, the choice, and the methods and methods that are useful under the time and money constraints to answer questions There must be. This statement to achieve the purpose of the evaluation should help to determine the advantages of the method used by the reporting user and the credibility of the findings, conclusions and recommendations.

The description of the method should include the following description. Reflecting individual perspectives through reasoning, arguments, or appeals is a compelling behavior. People often face persuasion in their daily lives. It occurs in a variety of situations, divided into three parts: the charm of emotion, the charm of reason, and the charm of personality. In addition, this brought about an influential aspect. From the perspective of human characteristics, it is affected by persuasion, so it is ignored from external resources.

Traditional persuasion methods like the ale model tend to assume that persuasion will occur when spectators or audiences learn information. If you learn from the message and remember these thoughts, you may be convinced by that. On the other hand, if you are not studying and you do not remember the idea from the information, you will not be convinced.

Because persuasion often involves learning, there is a reason to believe that learning may be related to persuasion. However, learning is not necessarily a part of persuasive power. Sometimes, for example, advertising is too much trouble, we can not forget it - we do not like sponsorsing that product or company. Here we learned this information, but we were not convinced.

Otherwise, you may start listening to and looking at the first part of the message and thinking about the topic without paying much attention to the message. Bohner p learns how to explain and persuade their information. Bonner continues to explain this approach as a way that does not represent a single theory; rather it is to understand as a set of compromised working hypotheses that are influenced by learning theory and other modern theoretical perspectives You can do.

The components of the theory evaluate learning and recall of information content that changes the attitude of intermediaries. Three elements of attitude are all important, but their relative importance depends on the level of consumer motivation for attitudes Solomon. Neal describes these objectives of the consumer's response evaluated in the context of a particular situation and consumer response to the subject may change as the situation changes.

It is clear that an important element of this process is a change in attitude. Because of these misleading ideas, they are used to create a small defect of other people, complex logic system, and to generate a wide range of differences between verification facts and clear falsehood It is.

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We need to consistently create a basic group of unreasonable truths to promote the development of accurate knowledge of the complete real world of ideas. Abstract in this paper, we describe the requirements and new challenges for the study of information systems in the development of such a system. This shows the use of knowledge markers that can solve the problem.

We provide research information system of the body. It collects research data and describes the architecture used to provide access to it. Introduction research data as such research results, researchers publish information about projects, publications, organizations, networks play an increasingly popular role in modern research. Regarding the high degree of dependence of research outcomes modern research had the requirements of research, it has been achieved that can be a valid way to study information retrieval Paper explains the problem of knowledge usually does not show my research questions.

Usually we describe the research design but do not analyze or interpret the normal observation results. If you study the problem of knowledge in a way that shows the context of action ie problem analysis, analysis of solutions, very dark images of soundness. As we pointed out, Let's assume that we observe and analyze this effect Sample size, the contents of all RE'03 completed all RE submissions of all content submitted, and again Although it can not be mentioned, it is too small, but the reader can realize that he or she observes in his or her own reading thesis phenomenon.

Feminist literary criticism is one of the most concerned about women's role in the context of literature. This includes how to create and understand female characters in any text, in addition to the role of female writers and female readers. This article will focus on some theoretical concepts that contribute to feminist literary discourse. It should compare and contrast the theoretical aspects advocated by the three famous feminist critics and also need to consider the arguments advocated by three female scholars. Lawrence's son and lover's psychoanalysis and psychoanalysis and feminist methods of feminist methods are two relatively recent critical reactions to literary texts.

Both are insightful and may have problems when applied to D. Lawrence's son and lover. These different approaches include methods developed by post-colonial feminists, cross-border feminists, and feminists supporting moral care. This section identifies four key features shared by these different feminist globalization methods and outlines some of the unique features in each theoretical direction. Feminism The traditional approach comes from a feminist view on how women are suppressed in a male-led society or subculture. A newer approach is a more extreme and liberal feminist approach that emphasizes the importance of social science in patriarchal oppression.