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In order to impress your teacher with the ability to meet all requirements to the full extent, you need to find out the difference between footnotes and endnotes, their distinctive features compared to the list of references, and other details, which are essential for crafting a high-quality social sciences research paper on A-grade.

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The most common mistake students make is either avoiding footnotes and endnotes at all or thinking that they are interchangeable. That's why before you get started, you are recommended to assure that you have a clear understanding of what a footnote and an endnote are. So, what are footnotes and endnotes? Believe that it only sounds complicated! In fact, it is not so difficult to use both of them the right way.

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First of all, let's define footnotes and endnotes. The purpose of using any of them is the same.

Perhaps, you will be surprised to discover that the endnote meaning is similar to the footnote meaning. The writer should use either footnotes or endnotes, or both of them when there is a need to add some important comment, a piece of information, which is able to add value to the paper. Often, writers use them to broaden the discussed topic. Also, you can cite the source of information where the ideas in your paper originate.

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  4. When writing an essay with footnotes, you provide the reader with the more detailed information on the topic. That is an advantage. Do you wonder what is the difference between footnotes and endnotes if they have the same meaning? Johnson, J.

    How to Cite your Essay using Footnotes

    Koenigsberger, H. Europe in the Sixteenth Century.

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    Laslett, Peter. IX, No. Pritzker, T. Tobias, John L. Ward, N. U of R Home. Programs Courses Faculty and Staff News.


    How and When to Use Footnotes | Including Word Instructions

    These must be placed in quotation marks. Citing authority for statements which are not quoted directly. A footnote is inserted at the bottom or "foot" of whatever page the note is on. Why are footnotes and endnotes numbered? They are numbered so the reader can quickly find the information. For example, if the writer creates 10 endnotes for his essay, and each endnote defines a different word, the reader can quickly look for only the words he or she does not know.

    Footnotes and Endnotes: Footnotes Vs Endnotes

    This video introduces footnotes and endnotes, provides examples of how they appear in texts and discusses why writers include them. This PDF uses screen capture shots to illustrate the steps to adding footnotes and endnotes in Microsoft Word. This YouTube video by titantechtraining walks the viewer through inserting footnotes and endnotes in Microsoft Word. It is very clear and well-narrated. Create Account Sign In. What do you want to learn? Sign In.