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However, suppose you have an outline with 10 headings and subheadings. Now suppose that you pretty much have about two pages worth of content to say for each such heading. Well you can probably write two pages in about an hour or maybe less.

APA Sample Paper: Experimental Psychology

So maybe you flesh out the first heading or two - then watch an episode of The Office or go for a run. Maybe you flesh out another section later in the day. This said, there are some rookie mistakes that make me shake my head. A very common thing that students tend to do is to describe the research of others in unnecessary detail.

For your introduction, you often have to provide evidence to support the points that you raise. So if you are writing a paper about the importance of, say, familial relatedness in affecting altruistic behavior, you probably need to cite some of the classic scientific literature in this area e. If your point is that there past work has found that individuals across various species are more likely to help kin than non-kin, maybe just say that!

There is a time and a place for describing the details of the studies of others in your own research paper. On occasion, it is actually helpful to elaborate a bit on past studies. With details like these, I say this: Who cares!? Honestly, when you mention the work of others, you are doing so for a purpose.

You are citing just enough of their work to substantiate some point that you are making as you work toward creating a coherent story. As I tell my students, if you are going to develop a single skill in college, let it be your ability to write in a clear, effective, and engaging manner.

Guide On Writing A Psychology Research Paper

Students who write psychology papers often find it difficult. Developing your ability to write is largely the point of college. Students often think that they have to write differently for a college research paper than for other purposes. They think that they have to sound smart and use lots of big words and long sentences. This is not the case. Everything you write has the ultimate purpose of communicating to an audience. Clear, straightforward, and narrative approaches to any writing assignment, then, are most likely to hit the mark.

Hamilton W. The genetical evolution of social behaviour.

International Journal of Theoretical Biology, 7 , 1— Also, aren't APA papers supposed to start with an "Abstract". In the spirit of connecting my comment to the prior above paragraph, my Professor is a "stickler" for correct APA formatting, so much so I'm indenting my post here to get solidify my APA paper writing skills!

In summary, your tips are very helpful and the timing is perfect since I have a 20 page paper due in May. I'm motivated to getting started writing now. So thank you so much! Still, I gave it a shot—and here are the six papers I found most fascinating. In an effort called the Reproducibility Project, researchers at dozens of universities collaborated to replicate a hundred psychology studies that were initially conducted in They ended up replicating between a third and half of the studies. Is that result bad or good? In other words, the desire for novelty drives researchers to overestimate the conclusiveness of their own work.

Essay Writing Guide for Psychology Students

Finally, traumatic brain injury, or T. Still, until recently, T. This issue of Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is entirely devoted to the topic, carefully examining the existing evidence regarding the effects of traumatic brain injury and possible future treatments.

At this stage, the best predictor of your eventual outcome seems to be the severity of the injury, rather than any particular treatment you might receive. Show me examples. Psychology research paper is a common assignment and source of many sleepless nights at college.

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The reality is that these papers are easier to write than we think. Use your curiosity in order to research the topic thoroughly and provide strong evidence for your claims.

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