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Pizzas and water will be provided free for students and students can use the school monies issued by their teachers to make some small purchases at the party. For more up-to-date school days, please check our school calendar. For recent events and activity photos please visit our Facebook page. Please click here to read about the event and winner list Pay attention, this year the Festival location has been changed to USF Cooper Hall Room the same building where regular classes are held. The event is to celebrate the end of school year, announce the Chinese Essay Contest results, and introduce the new administrative team of next school year.

Please read school news board at school news and announcements for more details. We had twice as many participants as last year's contest and the overall quality and breadth of submissions went far beyond our expectation. Please click here to view the winner list and click here to view award ceremony photos..

We would like to invite all students at our school and in Tampa Bay area to participate in this event. It is a great opportunity for our kids to practice and polish their Chinese writing skills, show their talent and hard work, and share their life stories in Chinese. Click here to learn more details about the competition requirements and rules To register class offline or the traditional way, please click here to download the registration form, fill one form per student, then bring them to the registration desk on Sunday. November 18, It's story time again!

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The event consists of two sessions; first session starts at am and ends at pm; the second session starts at pm and ends at pm. Please click here to view story telling program detail and click here for the map of the location. To view last year's story telling photos, click here. Jia Wang. Wang will remain in the Board as a member but will be released of daily administrative duties immediately as a school principal.

We thank Jia Wang for his outstanding contribution to our school in the past year and half and welcome Christina Feng aboard the new leadership. To learn about school administrative staff and their roles, please visit about school page.. Congratulations to Xi for her outstanding achievement!

Read more about Xi Yu through her recent essay The event consists of two sessions; first session Early Dev, Adult class and Grade 1 through Grade 4 will begin on am and end at pm on Sunday monring; the second session Grade 5 through Grade 12 will start on 1 PM and end at 4 PM. We will have all kinds of fun activities for students and families. Let us get together to enjoy the fellowship and beautiful weather, and have some fun.

Please mark your calendar and do not miss this important day. January 8, Spring Semester class registration and first day of class is Sunday January 13, Child class registration start at noon and adult class registration starts at PM.

Please visit Registration page for more details. For latest school news and announcement, visit our news page or Facebook. For the event photos and videos, please visit school Facebook page. Please join us at Facebook. The original curriculum included Greek , Spanish , Latin , English, French , Italian , algebra , arithmetic, history , geography , elocution , and bookkeeping.

Father Maraschi was the college's first president, a professor, the college's treasurer, and the first pastor of St. Ignatius Church. A new building was constructed in to replace the first frame building. In June , the university awarded its first Bachelor of Arts degree.

The third St. Ignatius College received moderate damage in the San Francisco earthquake , but was completely destroyed in the ensuing fire. The campus moved west, to the corner of Hayes and Shrader Streets, close to Golden Gate Park , where it occupied a hastily constructed structure known as The Shirt Factory for its resemblance to similar manufacturing buildings of the era for the next 21 years. The college moved to its present site on Fulton Street in , on the site of a former Masonic Cemetery. To celebrate its diamond jubilee in , St. Ignatius College changed its name to the University of San Francisco.

The change from college to university was sought by many alumni groups and by long-time San Francisco Mayor James Rolph Jr.

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In , the high school division, already wholly separate from the university, moved to the western part of San Francisco and became St. Ignatius College Preparatory. In , the university acquired Lone Mountain College. The University of San Francisco is chartered as a non-profit organization and is governed by a privately appointed board of trustees , along with the university president, the university chancellor , the university provost and vice-presidents, and the deans.

The board currently has 43 voting members who serve three, three-year terms and is chaired by Stephen A. The board of trustees elects a president to serve as the general manager and chief executive of the university. The current president since August 1, is Paul J.

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Fitzgerald , S. USF's faculty and librarians are unionized. The University of San Francisco Faculty Association, a local of the California Federation of Teachers, represents its members in all matters concerning wages, benefits, and enforcing the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Economics professor Michael Lehmann was the founding president of the Union in USF's Center for Global Education advises students on international programs sponsored by USF or external organizations and schools and facilitates the process.

USF offers semester-long international programs to its students. During the academic year, USF students earned academic credit through study abroad, exchange, intern, or social justice programs.

Several USF students have received the Gilman Award for their participation in study abroad programs through the center. ROTC, under the Military Science Department, adds specific electives to the core curriculum and can pay for a cadet's tuition. The missions and goals of USF's student clubs and organizations are to provide programs and services that support students' leadership development and promote student engagement in co-curricular activities.

Cultural and multicultural organizations around campus serve international students, Indian students, Black students the Black Student Union , Latin American students and Hawaiian Students. There are also groups specifically for women of color and Latinx women. The Foghorn was founded in , and was first called The Ignatian. In the s when the college name was changed, the newspaper became the San Francisco Foghorn.

Kennedy ; well-known author and historian Kevin Starr ; and Leo T. McCarthy , former California Lieutenant Governor. KUSF had garnered international attention for its diverse musical programming, which varied from rock to hip hop to world music. The University of San Francisco television station USFTV, founded in [41] and entirely student-run, is broadcast on Channel 35 in the dormitories and around campus, [42] with news, sports, and cultural programming.

The Ignatian is USF's annual literary magazine published every spring, with a wide array of content from philosophical pieces to personal essays, short fiction, poetry, and photography. The College Players, founded in , is considered one of the oldest student-run theater groups in the United States. Students can enroll in traditional and modern dance classes and participate in the USF Dance Ensemble which includes, under professional choreographers. All social sororities and fraternities recognized by the university must participate in the Greek Council, which tends to the development of these organizations and their members.

Among the total USF student population in the fall of , There was a By ethnicity, the number of Latino students increased by The African American student population increased The ethnic composition of all USF students in the fall of is displayed in Table 1. Notable students marked the early years of student diversity at the USF.

Chan Chung Wing, whose parents had immigrated from near Canton, was in the first law class at then St. Ignatius College of Law. In , the Filipino Ignatians was founded. In , the African American Isaiah Fletcher was a starting tackle on the football team, years before most colleges became integrated.

Student Eligibility

International students made up International students have a special orientation period [55] and a variety of student groups like the International Student Association, Global Living Community, [56] an International Advisory Council, and an International Network Program. USF is categorized as a more selective university, according to U. In the financial aid year, 72 percent of all undergraduates received some financial aid; 25 percent received Pell Grants.

For full-time, freshman students in —, 26 percent received Pell Grants, 82 percent institutional grants, and 83 percent some type of aid. USF offers the following dining options: [61]. Sports offered are men's and women's basketball , cross country , golf , soccer , tennis , track and field , as well as men's baseball and women's volleyball and sand volleyball. USF's mascot is the Don and its colors are green and gold.

Intercollegiate competition dates back to , when then St.

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Ignatius College began playing organized baseball , basketball , and rugby against other local colleges and high schools. Clair later were inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame — a record for one college team.

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At the height of their success, due to the team having two African-American star players, Ollie Matson and Burl Toler, they were not invited to play in any of the college football bowl games hosted by the SEC Southern Conference. Jones , the Dons became the first undefeated team to win a national championship, winning a then-record 60 games in a row from to before losing an exhibition game to the USA Men's Olympic Basketball team.

Also of note, the USF basketball teams became the first major college or university basketball team to win a national title with three African American starters Russell, Jones, and Hal Perry. The soccer program began at USF in , and they succeeded from the start, winning five titles from to The team captain was All-American Gus Donoghue, who returned to the university as head coach in , winning several titles, including a co-championship with Penn State in