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They maintain, recover, and guide patients to improve their health. Nurse practitioners are responsible for sustaining the nurse-patient relationship and other medical practices. Hence, they should follow certain professional codes of ethics to maintain peace and harmony in the workplace. Moreover, professional nursing values are an important part of medical care because they teach nurses to reform their caring process.

The nursing professional practice requires consistent care, decision-making and communication skills, evidence-based service, and ethical practice. Nurses should provide physical and moral support to patients in hospital settings. Sometimes, patients may suffer from severe traumas and depression, therefore, the professional nursing values help nurses to control different complex situations.

The American Association of College of Nursing defines various professional values that improve nursing care. Some of the most effective aspects are altruism, autonomy, and human dignity. These features guide nurses to enhance their obligations AACN, Altruism teaches nurse practitioners to provide unselfish and noble services in health care units.

Altruism defines the intrinsic and extrinsic factors that guide nurse professionals to offer selfless care. It improves the nurse-patient relationship in medical settings. Also, this value betters the patient-centered care process. If a nurse provides service for his or her personal benefit, then such care may create disappointment and agony AACN, Hence, altruism is an important part of professional nursing.

Furthermore, autonomy teaches nurses to offer knowledge-based care.

It helps them to make an independent decision by using their professional knowledge. It helps them to cope with changing health care environments. In some emergency conditions, nurses may not get support from doctors or other medical experts. Therefore, in such a situation, autonomy guides them to develop their service Skar, Nursing professionals should respect the medical rules and regulations.

Humanity is the foundation of nursing practice.

It teaches nurses to offer medical care with respect and dignity. In the United States, nursing professionals often meet patients from various social, cultural, and racial backgrounds. Sometimes, a patient may have language barriers to explain their health issues.

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It is a continuous process in which the nurse maintains an open attitude and uses skills and interventions that are culturally appropriate. Through the education of these nurses on their approach to clients based on cultural aspects, a better understanding of the client would be gained and not just the diagnosis.

This would reduce hostility and increase clients well-being. A second strategy would be to provide continuous education on person-centered approach.


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This method focuses on attempting to understand the poorly communicated need being expressed by the aggressive person, and nding individualized ways of meeting that need Stokes The nurse in this case is providing care based on a general approach for all dementia patients rather than factoring that the client is different from other individuals. The nurse makes her assessments and interventions based on his uniqueness.

This person-centered approach program aims to increase staff understanding of the causes of aggressive behavior, and their skills in managing such behavior by responding more individually and creatively to the persons needs Turner, An example of what to do in a person centered approach would be structuring activities tailored specifically for the client; to help him dispel energy and more relaxed. Conclusion The female RPN in the case has been found to have committed a professional misconduct of physically, emotionally, and verbally abusing her client by locking him in his room against his will to stop him from wandering the hallway.

This act of abuse led to the demise of the client and the CNO disciplinary committee penalized her by reprimanding her for three months, suspending her license for two months, and a twelve month employer monitoring period.

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The nurse contravened the ethical value of client well-being by using environmental restraints on him. She also contravened the value of maintaining commitment to practice settings by not following the facilities policies and procedures for handling such situations, and finally she violated the value of providing safe, compassionate, and competent care by not realizing the care of the client was beyond her competence and did not collaborate with a colleague to provide safe care. Strategies to prevent a situation like this from occurring again include providing education on cultural competent care, and continuous education on person-centered approach involving structured activities.

Cultural competent care will help nurses understand the clients diagnosis and behavior from the clients perspective and this will help to provide better care. The patient centered approach is based on caring for clients based on their own uniqueness and using structural activities to help minimize aggressive behaviors. The person-centered approach should be adopted as the strategy of choice, with physical and pharmacological methods used only as a last resort Stokes, Not only are person-centered approaches held to be ethical and free of side effects, but they also acknowledge that aggressive behavior by people with dementia is commonly a reaction to events in the persons environment, including un-therapeutic approach adopted by health care professionals.

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It is important that nurses consider the full range of strategies open to them for reducing incidences of aggressive behavior and when a situation proves beyond their competence, seek help to avoid all forms of professional misconduct. References Canadian Nurses Association. Code of ethics for registered nurses.

Discipline decisions. Ethics practice standard. Description of the behavior of wandering in people with dementia living in nursing homes: A review of the literature.

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Scandinavian Journal Caring Science, 26, McGonigal-Kenney, M. Journal of gerontological nursing, 1, Pulsford, D. Aggressive behavior by people with dementia in residential care settings: A review. Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing, 13, Wilson, D. Culturally competent psychiatric nursing care. Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing, 17, Read Free For 30 Days.

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