Writing an essay based on an interview

A Interview With An Interview Essay

There are several types of interview essays, but all of them are aimed to create an impression that readers talked to somebody personally. The purpose of your essay affects the interviewed person, it determines the chosen method and some features of essay writing. To write a good essay , you have to conduct a good interview.

In turn, a good interview is impossible without a proper understanding of the subject and preparation. Study your subject, its history,and most important issues.


You have to collect enough information to write a list of interesting and relevant questions. First of all, you have to contact your interviewee to define a place and time to meet. Even if you record the interview on a phone or a voice recorder, take notes. It will help you remember some points that appear to be especially interesting or important. Usually, if you get an essay assigned, you will be given instructions on the essay format. Talk to your instructor to clarify all the necessary details, such as the expected questions or answers, the use of paraphrasing, the context, and the format of quotes.

Generally, there are three most common interview types:. Your outline may vary depending on the essay type. However, it must include an introduction that describes your subject and the purpose of the interview. If your essay is aimed to only introduce your readers to a person, the thesis statement may be a concise summary of his or her background, qualifications, and achievements. If the interview is used in your essay to support a certain position or provide an opinion on some broad issue, the thesis statement may formulate this position, mentioning the interviewee in the context of the considered issue.

Tell Me about Your Life as a Trapeze Artist: Interview into Narrative Essay

No matter what format you choose, remember that your thesis statement must be clear and coherent. Make sure that other parts of the essay refer to your thesis statement. We also suggest referring contextual information according to the required citation format.

Navigation Menu Navigation Menu. Home Order Prices. Define the purpose of your paper The purpose of your essay affects the interviewed person, it determines the chosen method and some features of essay writing. On contrary, if it represents a particular view of a random person, you will choose only one person to interview.

Research the subject of an interview and prepare your questions To write a good essay , you have to conduct a good interview. Read sources devoted to your subject and any available printed materials. The more you know about it, the more interesting and specific questions you can ask.

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Download free samples of our courses here. How to conduct the interview Interviewing someone is an incredible way to experience real, living history. How to write up the interview into narrative form You are not going to write this interview in a question-and-answer format. Have your students interviewed anyone? Tell us whom in the comment box below. Looking for something?

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